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Quick and Easy Dollar Store Spring Craft for Nannies and Toddlers

There is no question kids love arts and crafts; there is also no question on how expensive crafts can be. The Dollar Store is a great resource for art supplies. Follow this tutorial to create a nice and easy spring themed craft made from supplies you can find at the Dollar Store.

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Kids Art Project - Creative Brushes

Purchasing art supplies can be time consuming and pricey! When purchasing art supplies for children keep in mind that they most likely will not last long. Therefore, purchasing a simple set of paint brushes and using a couple tricks to alter the brush and the way it paints will help save a lot of money! Here are a few tips on ways to change the texture of the paintbrush and create whole new patterns; enjoy!

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Imaginative Play Benefits and Ideas

It is likely that when you were a kid you were told your dreams were not very realistic. Despite most of us being raised to keep our heads out of the clouds; theres reason to believe thinking with your head in the clouds may cause more good than bad! Imaginative play has many benefits for your kids, read more about ways to help your kids keep their imagination flow!

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