Craft Ideas for Your Summer Nanny

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With the kids out of school, there is a significant need for activities to keep them engaged and learning throughout the summer. Crafts are an excellent way to provide your children with built-in activities, and most can be used or slightly modified to teach skills or provide learning opportunities. Read on for information on a few crafts that your summer nanny can do with your kids.

Crystal Geode Egg

Geodes are rocks with hollow spaces where crystals or minerals can grow. The Crystal Geode Egg uses ordinary eggs to serve as the cavity and crystals of Epsom salt are grown on seed crystals glued to the inside of the egg shell. Your summer nanny can use this craft to teach a variety of scientific principles including crystal growth, creating solutions, and geological formations.

Egg Carton Very Hungry Caterpillar

Many kids love the Very Hungry Caterpillar and this craft allows your summer nanny to help your children build a replica of the famous insect. Building this model is simple and enjoyable for younger children. As a bonus, you can read the book together as you wait for things to dry.

No Sew Towel Teddy Bear

If your child loves stuffed animals then this No Sew Towel Teddy Bear will pique their interest. The construction of the bear uses only three items to create. To make the most snuggly bear possible, be sure to use the softest clothes available to you.

Tornado in a Jar

Nature is a dominant force and being able to hold that power in your hand can be invigorating for a child. Building a Tornado in a Jar is an excellent way for your summer nanny to help teach your kids about weather and natural disasters. You can even add small items like trees or cars to make it a bit more realistic.

Stop Motion Flipbook

Most kids love cartoons, and the Stop Motion Flipbook allows them to make their own. The principle is simple, draw on a pad of post-it or other sticky notes pictures that change small amounts on each page which when flipped through will create motion. This activity can be used to teach kids about stop motion and how their favorite movies, shows, and games work.