Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is almost upon us, and many kids are getting excited to dress up and go door to door in search of sweet treats from neighbors and strangers. The costume is a point of pride for most children and having a good one can be quite important. However, we understand that sometimes the weeks can slip away from both you and your child leaving you a week or less away from Halloween without an outfit. Fortunately, there is no need to panic. We have compiled a list of three last minute Halloween costume ideas.

Gumball Machine

One of the most creative last minute Halloween costume ideas we have seen comes from the good folks over at Evoking memories of a simpler time, their take on a gumball machine outfit is not only clever but inexpensive and easy to throw together even if you don’t have much time. All you need to complete this costume is a couple of red shirts, a large plastic bowl, some multicolored plastic balls, some cardboard and a little spray paint. Nothing more than basic sewing and crafting skills are required for this one.

Lego Brick

Lego has seen a major resurgence in the last few years thanks in part to the video game and movie franchises they have undertaken. Why not make a last minute Halloween costume designed to look like the popular toy bricks. Simply find a cardboard box that is roughly the right proportions for a brick, and that fits over your child’s body. Then glue some appropriately shaped Tupperware containers to the front of the box. Spray paint it an appropriate color, and voila, you have a Lego outfit.

Flower Pot

There’s no doubt that your child will look super cute in this decorative flower pot costume. The design uses a headband with a flower glued to it, craft flowers, a large plastic tub, duct tape, and clothing that matches the color of the flowers. Since the design is fairly straightforward, this DIY project makes a perfect last minute Halloween costume.