Kids Art Project - Creative Brushes


Most children enjoy doing crafts of one type or another but playing with paint can be particularly stimulating for little minds. Painting from a young age can spark a lifelong passion for your child and engage their imagination in unique ways. So how can you encourage their creativity while allowing them to play with paint? Try one of these creative brushes for your next kids art project.

Binder Clips

While they are often just used for holding large stacks of papers together, binder clips can also be utilized in kids art projects to create some unique brushes. The large size of the binder clips provides an excellent surface for your child to grip and the clip itself can be loaded with a variety of materials to provide different painting textures that your kids will enjoy. Check out this video from Buzzfeed Nifty that walks you through the basics of how to use binder clips as paint brushes. Then brainstorm some other things you can constrain with a binder clip and use to paint.

Natural Materials

The world around us is filled with materials that can be used to make interesting patterns and textures. For your next kids art project, consider taking your children outside to look for unusual items they might be able to use for painting. Maybe it’s a feather, a handful of leaves, or even a whole flower; no matter what they choose, provide them the opportunity to express themselves with something they have chosen. This blog from Left Brain Craft Brain, provides some guidance for how you can use natural materials as paint brushes.

Household Items

The inside of your house is just as full of resources for your next kids art project as the great outdoors. Scour the house for things you might be able to use in creative ways. The folks over at Little Bins for Little Hands have an excellent blog on using kitchen utensils as painting instruments.You can even use items from your pantry if you are so inclined. Kids Play Box has a fun instruction guide for how to use pasta and a hair tie to make some very creative brushes that your children will love to use.