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Camping Themed Printables- Promote Summer Learning

As summer begins to come to a close many of us are busy squeezing in our last bit of fun before the kids go back to school. Planning a camping trip is far easier than planning out a full itinerary worth of activities within the city! Camping allows kids to let their imaginations run free, add to the fun with these camping printables that will also better prepare your kids for back to school!

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Quick and Easy Dollar Store Spring Craft for Nannies and Toddlers

There is no question kids love arts and crafts; there is also no question on how expensive crafts can be. The Dollar Store is a great resource for art supplies. Follow this tutorial to create a nice and easy spring themed craft made from supplies you can find at the Dollar Store.

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Setting Up a Water Fight

Escaping the heat during the summer can be challenging especially without access to a pool. No pool, no problem; have a water fight instead! All you need is a hose, a few buckets, and sponges! Before starting the water fight it is best to establish some rules. Read this weeks blog to learn some rules to assure everyone has fun but is also playing safely.

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