Activity: Thanksgiving Bingo


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, there are tons of different fun activities to do with your kids to help them learn, but still, have fun! Though arts and crafts are always a great option to learn about the holidays, sometimes you want to mix things up with games or other fun activities. That's why these Thanksgiving bingo cards from Gifts are great. They're not only super cute and related to Thanksgiving, but free and easy to access. All you need to do is print them out and get ready to play.As the nanny or parent, you'll want to be the Thanksgiving bingo card caller, so keep those to yourself. For the kids, give them each a bingo card and something to mark them with. It could be coins or candy, or even a crayon or marker if you don't plan on reusing the card. Then, depending on the age of your kid and their reading level will determine which bingo is best for them.For those still learning to read or in preschool, opt for the little kid Thanksgiving bingo. It has fun Thanksgiving-themed icons but keeps things simple. For older kiddos who are working on their vocabulary, you can use the big kid bingo. It not only will teach then new words, but has some historical images in it so that you can squeeze in a history lesson or two! No matter the age group, just make sure your kids say what they are thankful for before putting any markers in the free space. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is really all about!