Quick and Easy Dollar Store Spring Craft for Nannies and Toddlers

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Spring Wreath!

Everyone loves the look and smell of a big beautiful wreath during Christmas time; whose to say we can’t have big beautiful wreaths all year around? Making an artificial spring wreath is about the easiest and mess-free crafts you can do! 

All supplies can be found at the Dollar Store:

  • Natural Willow Wreath 

  • Artificial flowers (lots or a little) 

  • Ribbon, Yarn, Twine 

  • Scissors or wire cutters 

Get Started:

Before starting the wreath trim, the artificial flowers stems a little bit to make it easier to operate the flowers as well as to poke them through the wreath.

Once you have trimmed the flowers a bit start letting the kids pick the flowers and choose which colors or patterns they would like to have on their wreath. The can decide to fill up the whole wreath or only a small portion! 

Begin poking each flower into a wreath! Don’t worry too much on placement; you can always move things around since there is no glue. Once they’re satisfied with all the flowers, go ahead and trim the remaining stems poking out of the back of the wreath to give it a cleaner look. 

Take a large piece of ribbon or yarn and make a loop around the top area of the wreath. You can then either leave the two ends until you hang it or give it a more finished look by tying the two ends into a bow. 

Ta-da! A beautiful spring wreath to add another little pop of color!