Valentine's Day Activities for the Whole Family

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Wow, it's already February 2018 and it is almost Valentine's day! That means that love is in the air and It is time to celebrate. As most of us think of cards, candy and flowers as a Valentine's celebration-our children would love to celebrate with us. You see the best gift on Valentine's day for our children is the gift of love and interaction. Family time and building relationships with our children can instil values and morals and give the never-ending gift of memories. Let us help you create those precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some fun activities to try with your little SWEETHEARTS this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Templates


These templates let kids create their favorite animal with just their hand print. First, print the template of your choice. Then have your little one stick their hand in the paint and place on the template to create the outline of an animal.

Here is a sample of the 'HOGS and KISSES" 

Make Dinner Fun

Heart Shaped Dinner Recipe:

Cooking one on one with your children on holidays is always a good idea. It instills family values and responsibility. Also, it can give your child a lesson in kitchen safety. Food always tastes better when it is made from love!  

Valentine's Slime

Make this easy slime recipe with your kids. They will love Valentine's Day Homemade Slime. DIY slime is a fun alternative to handing out candy and treats!

This is a fun and easy activity for all ages. It can become a little Valentine's science project. You get to spend one on one time with your little sweetheart too. Also, it is virtually mess free so you can spend more time engaging and less time cleaning!No matter how you spend your Valentine's Day, it is important to spread love and appreciation to those who make your heart warm! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE! GET TO CRAFTING AND COOKING!