Grandparents Day Craft Ideas for Gifts


Sunday, September 10th is Grandparents Day, and it’s not too early to start thinking about something your kids can give to them. Sure you could go out to the mall or search Amazon for a gift but wouldn’t it be a bit more special if your kids actually made their gifts? Read on for a few of our favorite Grandparents Day craft ideas that make excellent presents.

Handprint Art

There are an exceptional number of ways to use your kids’ hands to make artwork that grandma and grandpa will love. For instance, you can make a casting of their hands and turn it into a small wall hanger that is sure to make them smile each time they see it. You could also use some paint to place their handprints on a sheet with a beautiful poem to frame. Additionally, you can do similar ideas with footprints for the youngest of your bunch. There are also a variety of other options so let your imagination run wild.


Most grandparents can’t get enough of seeing their grandkids and, in many cases, they often miss the day to day growth and development that takes place. While the advancements in technology have allowed greater frequency, having pictures allows them not only to see their grandchildren but also to share them with their friends. Scheduling a photoshoot for pictures of grandma and grandpa with their grandkids is a great Grandparents Day gift idea, but you could also make a lovely (or silly) photo album for them from pictures you’ve taken. Make sure to let your kids pick out some of the pictures too.

Family Tree

Utilizing the knowledge of your family’s tree to create a gift for Grandparents Day can make something that is truly unique. You might incorporate some details of past exploits from members of your family to shape the design and layout of the tree. Your kids also learn more about their family history while using their creativity to make a craft.