Making Spring Cleaning Fun With Kids

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It's Mid April and its going to start warming up which means you're realizing that the house is a bit cluttered or dusty from the family being stuck inside during the Fall and Winter months. Here are some fun ideas to get your kids in on the fun and have happy little helpers and a refreshed feeling when you are done!

Turn Up the Music

Before you have the kids start helping with the to-do list turn on the stereo and play some of their favorite tunes to get the energy and motivation flowing. Maybe even start a dance party to get some wiggles out before you decide what item on the list must go first! Family dance parties are super exciting and will take the sting out of the idea that cleaning isn't fun!

Play Follow the Leader

Young children often love to do "grown up" activities so making a game out of these adds to the excitement. Need to clean the floors? This is a perfect time to play some follow the leader! Grab a broom and have the little one follow you around with the dust pan and help when necessary. Another fun follow the leader activity is vacuuming! I know my daughter loves to hold the cord and follow behind me keeping the cord out of my way. Sometimes I start doing the cha-cha to make it even more silly!

Donate Toys

Looking around the playroom and seeing TONS of toys that the kids haven't touched in ages? Round them up and ask them to help pick toys that they no longer fancy. Children do get attached to toys so help them part ways by discussing the meaning of donating to help others in need. Check in with your local church charities, preschools and family shelters or children's centers to see if they accept lightly used toys. A really great organization is Stuffed Animals for Emergencies they accept lightly loved stuffed animals, blankets, books, children's clothes, and baby items to give to children for comfort during traumatic emergency situations. This is a great way to clear the clutter and teach your children the value of giving back.

Creative Cleaning

Dust and pet hair can be our homes worst enemy so this might be the least fun spring cleaning item on the list. This company called Cleaning Critters sells dusting tools and lint rollers with a cute twist on their marketing to appeal to children. The tools have different monster faces on the packages. Take your little one to your local home improvement store and have them pick out their very own dusting buddy. This is sure to make this chore feel like a monster of a party instead of a boring task.

Pantry Pirate Game

Have your older child dress up in their favorite pirate or super hero costume and help empty out the pantry or refrigerator of any expired food items. Make it a big deal like they are searching for the "bad guys" . They can help add perishables to the compost and clean any containers that might be recyclable or reusable. This activity helps you make room for new groceries but also teaches them about life skills like the importance of recycling and reusing things to help the earth. You can also add some items to the arts and crafts bins to use later. Here is a list of 75 Recycled Art Projects For Kids Enjoy!