Giant’s Special Events at AT&T Park


Summertime means a lot of things to a lot of people, but one of the longest lasting traditions of summer in America is baseball. While spending time at the park can be an excellent outing for you and your family, there are many events and giveaways that take place throughout the season. Below you will find three of the Giant’s special events that will be taking place this summer.

Barry Bonds Wall of Fame Ceremony

Barry Bonds played for San Francisco for 14 years and is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time. Part of that greatness is attributed to the fact that he holds the record for career home runs. On July 8, AT&T Park will be hosting Barry Bonds Wall of Fame Ceremony to permanently enshrine Barry Bonds into the San Francisco Giants Hall of Fame. The ceremony promises to be one of the most famous of the Giant’s special events this summer. Purchasing your tickets here ensures you and your family will receive a limited edition Barry Bonds t-shirt.

Christmas in July

This summer, “Christmas in July” is more than just a saying at AT&T Park as a part of the Giant’s special events. Fans are encouraged to participate in celebrating the beloved holiday by wearing their “favorite ugly sweaters and festive holiday garb as the Giants take on the Pirates.” Fans who purchase tickets to this special event on July 24, 2017, will receive a special winter themed Giants hat. Tickets for Christmas in July can be purchased here.

Hello Kitty Day

On August 6, Hello Kitty returns to AT&T Park for the fourth consecutive year as a result of the high demand fans have placed on making Hello Kitty Day an annual tradition. As a part of the Giant’s special events, the team will be hosting a variety of “pre-game and in-game components will be themed around the global pop icon.” The day promises to be fun and family friendly so that fans of all ages can enjoy this one of a kind event. Fans who purchase tickets here will receive a special edition Hello Kitty/Giants collectible tin.