Gifts and Treat for Father's Day


The 17th of June is Father's Day, and that is quickly approaching! Father's Day is a great day for not only the kids and dad but for the whole family to spend much needed time together! Father do so much for our families from killing spiders to fixing the sink, to pushing their kiddos on the swing. Therefore, it only makes sense to help make this day the absolute best for those fathers, grandpas, uncles, and brothers! This week's blog is all about the dads and how we can make this year's fathers day one of the best ones yet!

We’d Be MUFFIN Without You

We are sure everyone is familiar with the phrase "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach." With that being said, baking something tasty for Dad will make his day so much sweeter! One super simple treats you can make with the kids for Father's Day would be muffins! Muffins are simple and can be an excellent snack for breakfast or lunch for the week to come! Add a cute little note such as "We would be MUFFIN without you, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" to add a little more character!

Coffee Mug Madness

A great DIY gift for Dads is customized coffee or travel mugs! Dad's are always on the move, whether that be leaving for work before the suns up, or getting ready to coach soccer practice. Gifting Dad a new mug with his favorite artwork from the kids will bring a smile to his face and make his days brighter! There are many different ways to create DIY coffee mugs that all show Dad just how much we care! You can either go through family photos with the kids and have them pick their favorites and get them printed onto a ceramic mug. Or a more hands-on approach would be to purchase some plain white mugs and LOTS of sharpies and allow the kids to draw all over the mug! Once they're satisfied with their masterpiece, you simply just need to place the mugs in the oven for 1.5 hours!

Did Someone Say, BBQ??

Our final idea to help make this Father's Day the best is to wrap up the day of activities with a family BBQ. As we mentioned earlier, the way to Dads' heart is through his stomach, so throwing him a BBQ is a great way to wrap up the day. Either the day before or while the kids are out with Dad during the day run to the store to purchase all of his BBQ favorites. This way he has all he needs to chef-up an excellent meal for his family and can debut that cheesy apron he got last Father's Day!