Setting Up a Water Fight

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The blissful days of summer vacation are rapidly coming to a close and what better way to close out the hottest months of the year than with a big event. Who doesn’t like to cool off with some fun playing with water? Therefore, combining your end of summer bash with water play can lead to memories your kids may never forget. Below you will find some tips on setting up a water fight for your children and their friends.

Age Appropriate

When planning out the water fight, your kids will be hosting, make sure to consider the age range of the children that will be there. While children of all ages may be welcome to participate, you may need to restrict certain items to make it fair and fun for everyone there. It is a good idea to only incorporate things into the game that are safe for everyone participating.

Establish the Rules of Engagement

There are a variety of ways to conduct a water fight but one of the main components to making it more than just a good time is to provide an objective. Perhaps you set up a capture the flag style game where each team tries to retrieve the opposing team’s flag and return it to their own base. You could also engage in a free for all where you try to soak as many people as possible in a set amount of time. Finally, one of my personal favorites is king of the hose. Similar to "king of the hill," each contestant tries to claim the power of the hose from the “king” or “queen.” It is also in the best interest of the game to set boundaries so that kids are not going into neighbors yards are into areas that may be dangerous for them.

Supply Depot

What’s a water fight without supplies that allow you to play the game? One fun thing to do is to have an area set up with water balloons, squirt guns, a couple of super soakers, or even a water balloon launcher and allow each kid to choose a few items to use. You may also want to locate a fill station near the supply depot so they can quickly refill when they’re running low on water.