Camping Themed Printables- Promote Summer Learning


Camping themed printables are one of the easiest to keep your kids engaged and limit the dreaded question “Are we there yet?” From word searches to animal tracks explorer, there are printables for all kids’ age levels. Some parents even find themselves itching to solve a puzzle or two themselves.

One popular camping themed printable is a word search. These puzzles keep kids brains occupied and challenged. This can be especially important for moms who are concerned about their kid’s screen time. In fact, many families that go camping enjoy the technology free aspect of their trip. This word search printable incorporates camping themed words scattered in all directions. Many families use these printables during long car rides or downtime at the campsite. A printable that fosters critical thinking and keeps kids engaged—now that’s a win-win.

A second printable that is perfect for kids who love the outdoors is the animal tracks explorer. These printables cards include eight common animal tracks: raccoon, turkey, coyote, and porcupine. Each type of animal tacks is matched with a fun fact and their approximate size. All you need to do is print these out and attach them to a lanyard or string. This decreases the chances of your family leaving litter in the wilderness. Furthermore, placing this guide around your neck allows for easy accessibility which maintains an exciting atmosphere for your kids. Whether it’s a word search or animal tracks guide, the learning opportunities are endless in the wilderness.

Avoid feelings of boredom and pack a collection of camping themed printables for your next family camping trip!

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