Summer Pool Games

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As we enter into the some of the hottest days of the summer, many kids will love nothing more than to spend their days in the pool. While spending time in the pool can be fun in and of itself, kids always invent new games to play while at the pool. Why not give them something a little more organized and constructive to do while spending time swimming. Keep reading for some of our favorite summer pool games that your kids will love.

Ping Pong

Finding objects in the pool provides a ton of possibilities for summer pool games. In ping pong, you toss ping pong balls into the pool and each child is tasked with collecting them. There are an enormous number of methods to organize the collection. You can label the balls with point values and let the kids try to score as many points as possible. Alternatively, you can put children’s initials on a set number of balls and task them with finding their own balls. The possibilities are endless so grab plenty of ping pong balls and have a ball.


Most kids love a good game of freeze tag. Popsicle takes the concept of freeze tag and puts it into the water which is why it is one of our favorite summer pool games. When someone gets tagged, they have to imitate a popsicle by standing straight and putting their hands above their head. While the game may seem easy, there is a twist. When a player is underwater, they can’t be tagged, and if they swim past a “popsicle,” they become unfrozen.

What Time is it Mr. Fox?

While this may be a new game for many parents, it is popular with young swimmers and doesn’t require much to learn. One kid is designated as Mr. Fox and stands at one end of the pool and all the others stand at the other end. The kids will then say in unison, “what time is it Mr. Fox?” and Mr. Fox will respond with a time, and each player must move ahead that many steps. When ready, Mr. Fox can call out “lunch time!” At that point all players must try to get back to the wall, they started at without being tagged. The first one tagged becomes the new Mr. Fox. For many kids, “What Time is it Mr. Fox?” is one of their favorite summer pool games.