Not All Nanny Screening is Created Equal

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Hiring a professional to care for your children is something that no parent takes lightly. However, the advancements in technology have enabled the ability to control access to their background. Fortunately, the plethora of information now available at our fingertips means it is impossible to hide everything completely. This is why background checks are so important, but they are not all created equal. Read on to learn about the aspects of nanny screening and why each is necessary to gain a complete picture of who you are hiring.

Criminal History

One of the first things people think of when the topic of nanny screening is brought up is a person’s criminal history. The background check of a person’s criminal history can reveal valuable information about any crimes the person has committed. While in most cases the report will not contain anything, it is possible a candidate may have anything from minor offenses (like an unpaid parking ticket) to something majorly serious (like being on the sex offender registry). How you choose to use this information is a matter of personal preference, but it is usually a good idea to ask about minor issues in the interview to see how the candidate responds.

Driving Record

If your nanny will be driving your kids at any point, it is vital to know their history behind the wheel. How many accidents have they had? Have they ever gotten a speeding ticket? Were they ever pulled over for driving erratically or driving under the influence? Obtaining a copy of a candidate’s driving record as part of your nanny screening process can provide you with answers to these questions.

Credit Report

While not all nannies will be given access to the family’s finances or a card to use for household expenses, understanding a candidate’s credit report can provide information on their judgment. Do they live beyond their means? Are they responsible about paying their bills on time? Have they engaged in any form of credit card fraud or identity theft? Being privy to this information can make all the difference in selecting a nanny that is right for your family. A thorough nanny screening doesn’t need to include this information; however, it can be invaluable to live-in nannies or those with expanded responsibilities.