Fun Summer Activities!


Summer is here! With our beautiful weather here in northern California, kids are lucky enough to be able to play outside all year long. But we can’t deny that summer is our favorite season to enjoy the warm sunshine! So pack your sunscreen and snacks and lets explore some fun and simple ways to get children outside to enjoy the summer!    

Lets paint!

Try setting up an easel outside with paints! Children can enjoy the weather while using the landscape to inspire their paintings. Not to worry if you don’t have an easel, simply attach paper or poster board to a tree or fence in the back yard! If paints are too messy for your liking, fill up a bucket with water and have your child paint the fence or side of the house with water!

Drought safe water works!

Every child enjoys chasing their friends or siblings with the hose for hours outside! But in a drought that could be an issue. Don’t let water fun stop this summer! Instead fill up a few empty spray bottles. This will allow children to have fun getting wet without using a lot of water.

Bug hunt!

Help your child create a list of words that can describe a bug. For example, bumpy, small or big eyes! Explore the back yard or the park and try to find a bug that fits each characteristic on your list.

Relax in the sunshine!

Outside time doesn’t always have to be for running and playing. Bring out your child’s favorite blanket and have some quiet reading time under and shady tree in your yard or at the park!

Make a nature collection!

Gather loose rocks, sticks, leaves and flowers from your yard or park to create a nature collection. After gathering your items try ordering them according to size, counting or making a pattern with the materials to practice math skills.

Lets all enjoy a little more of the outdoors this summer!