Picky Eaters!


Help! My child is a picky eater!

Are the first words out of your child’s mouth during dinner often “yuck!” or “I don’t like that Mommy!”?  We have all tried the choo choo train and zooming car tricks to try to get a bite of food into a picky eaters mouth. It can be very stressful having a child that simply wont try new foods or doesn’t like a variety of foods. Lets park our trains and zooming cars and try to thrill children will foods that are fun!! Here are a few helpful ways to liven up your child’s plate.

- After making a sandwich simply use a cookie cutter to create fun shapes and characters that are your child’s favorite.

- Create a colorful rainbow on your child’s plate using tomatoes (red), carrot rounds (orange), corn (yellow), peas (green) and small pieces of cabbage (purple).

-Puree or blend together some fruits and veggies. Freeze them into a popsicle mold. Your child will never know they are enjoying servings of fruits and veggies while they are eating their yummy treat!

-Slice an apple into moon shaped pieces.  Then take grapes and slice them in half. Take a tooth pick and slide it though the apple slice and attach the halved slices of grapes to each end of the tooth pick to create a fruit car!

-To add some 4th of July fun into a healthy snack by slicing watermelon into 3 3”x ½”  and 3 1 ½ x ½ inch slices along with blue berries to create an edible American flag!

-Use cucumber and cheese to make mini sandwiches. Have fun with using different types and colors of cheese to find on your child really likes!

-Use a banana and sliced kiwi to create a palm tree on your child’s plate!

By making meals fun children will look forward to their next delicious surprise!