Kids activity classes around San Francisco


Yesterday, Joanna's Nannies attended the Great Baby Romp in San Francisco and learned about some great classes offered all around the city. I think it is great for children of all ages to be involved with activities and classes with other children their age. They learn important social skills like sharing, listening, helping and playing well with others and well as the educational value and enrichment from the classes themselves. There were quite a few great booths and sample classes offered. Here are some of my favorite: Jamaroo Kids: they offer a wide variety of classes from Art, Music, dancing and more. Visit their website to find class schedules as well as more information about their facility: San Francisco Gymnastics:  I always loved gymnastics as a child and I can't wait to have my children try it out some day. They have a great array of classes all day long for both girls and boys: It's Yoga Kids: It might be hard to imagine a young child doing Yoga but it is actually a great physically and emotional exercise for children. It might not be as serious as an adult class but kids and parents can still get so much out of it: Whether you just want to get your little one out of the house, get some exercise or make some new friends, kids classes are a great way for children of all ages to get engaged and learn new things!