Tips for the Nanny on the Work from Home Parent


When working as a nanny with a work-from-home parent it is important to listen, learn and set boundaries. Learn to accommodate the families needs without breaking your own boundaries! There are a few guidelines to follow to make sure the relationship remains strong and beneficial to the family and caregiver!

Listen & Speak Up

When you get hired as a nanny it is easy to feel like you need to do anything and everything to please the family but make sure you are doing what you came there to do. Have a clear conversation about the clients expectations and in turn let the family know your expectations and thoroughly go over your job description! If you are asked to do an overwhelming amount of chores don’t hesitate to remind the parents that you are there to primarily care for the children and you are more than happy to clean up after yourself and the children and do the occasional light chore.

Conflict & Task Management

Imagine you work in an office with co-workers, in this scenario conflicts may arise and being creative with your response to conflict makes a world of difference. Things might change often with a work - from - home parent so setting time weekly to go over tasks at hand and relieve any stress ahead of time is helpful to minimize these potential conflicts. One way to encourage another person to change their thought process is to reassure they know you are listening.

Caregiver Pro Tip: Start your next response with “I hear what you are saying, and I understand what you need!” followed by your response. Listen first, fix after.

Clear Boundaries & The Schedule

The workplace needs to be comfortable for all parties, especially the children. If the parent works in close distance to the play areas go over a schedule so that you and the parents are clear on when you might cross paths during the day. If the parent wishes to eat lunch together then be clear that there needs to be a transition time. For bedtime you may ask if the parent should help with any of the regular routines. Sticking to the schedule daily also helps the children adapt. Some children have separation anxiety so make sure to cover this and get advice from the parents on what might work. Happy goodbyes are a great way to break the ice. Making goodbyes a silly game may distract the child from the parent going in another room!