Joanna's Nannies Tips for Caring for Toddlers



Toddlers are starting to establish their independence (as much as they still need your help). Offer choices, to help them feel in control and independent. I will offer two choices that I want, or am okay with, and the toddler feels like it was their decision.

Make it a game!

If you're struggling to get a toddler to do something, make it a game! My 2 year old hates picking up his toys. I set a timer, and tell him it's a race to see who can clean up the most (or fastest) and he loves it.


Always keep water bottles with you when you're out. My toddlers often get too caught up in playing, to realize they're thirsty. So I let them know before hand I'm setting a timer for water breaks.

Let them help you!

My two year old sets the table for meals, and my 4 year old cleans it up. This really boosts their self esteem and makes them feel involved. I also let them help with food prep, cleaning, laundry, ect.

Dance the grumps away!

When my kids are feeling grumpy, we dance it out! I let each choose a song to dance their grumps away too. After lots of wiggles and laughs the mood is usually turned around.