Joanna's Nannies Tips for Caring for Preschool Aged Children


Tips on Engaging Preschool Age Children

Preschoolers are full of energy and life and it may seem impossible to keep up with them. Preschoolers are at the age of wanting to be more independent and trying to make things seem like its their idea is a great idea. This weeks blog includes games, activities, and educational activities for engaging a preschool aged children!

Games and activities

  • Try joining in the fun and creating memories rather than stand and direct, engage with a purpose.

  • Fun games include hopscotch, hide and seek or duck, duck goose

  • Get outside as much as possible, in the summer months kids will go hours playing with water play! Fill up a bin with water and grab some water appropriate toys and watch them splish splash away! If the child enjoys getting wet, gentle splashing water fights are hilariously fun

  • Nature walks! Go outside with a mission to collect things in nature like leaves, pretty stones, etc. Kids love rock collections and turning what they find into art, you can paint the rocks for the garden or create a collage with the leaves

  • Dance Party! Turn up some funny kids songs and dance your butts off, a fun one is the party freeze dance

Education is alway fun

  • Read: grab an easy book and try to get the child to learn and repeat, the early stages of teaching to read

  • Cook: Include the child in making meals, gather ingredients and helping spread or stir things is alway fun, if you use the oven you can turn on the oven light so they can see their creation cooking

  • See the world together: I spy is so fun for kids, " I spy with my little eye something purple! " Children between the ages of 3-5 love this game

  • Counting clean up : If a child has a hard time cleaning up make it into a counting game, you can count the blocks together or the different items "how many cars are we cleaning up"