Our Favorite Activities to do in Denver



Tiny Town

Your children will enjoy riding the Tiny Town train and the kid-sized buildings. The playground and picnic areas provide fun for the entire family.

Dinosaur Ridge

The Dinosaur Ridge Trail is a must see while in the Denver metro area. The site is world-famous for dinosaur tracks, bones and unique geologic features. Kids can learn about geology while experiencing the beautiful Colorado foothills.

Craftsman & Apprentice

The Craftsman and the Apprentice is a unique concept for sure. With classes on how to make soap, sew, stitch, painting and drawing all led by immersive and kind teachers; your children will have fun while learning important processes and develop hand eye coordination.

Butterfly Pavillion

The Butterfly Pavilion is a great year-round destination for families. Enjoy butterflies from around the world, then let your littles hold a tarantula while it tickles their fingers!