Our Favorite Activities to do in Boulder



St. Julien Hotel

The St. Julien Hotel & Spa is a wonderful place to stay while in town. The hotel is in a prime location for walking the popular main strip of town, Pearl Street. There is an indoor pool and an outdoor lawn area where they often have evening bands in the summer. The St. Julien will provide cribs for babies.

Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys

This boutique is a favorite with kids and their discerning parents. They carry clothing as well as whimsical and unique toys.

Sunflower Farm

The Sunflower Farm is a massive open area with tree houses, farm animals to feed, peacocks and more a re scattered among this farm. Your kids will have a great, wholesome time in the fresh air.

Bramble & Hare

Looking for a laid back, romantic night out? Call us for a sitter, then head on over to Pearl St to wander around before heading to dinner at Bramble and Hare.