Newborn Milestones Series: 1-3 Months


Milestones are actions and events, causing significant change or development. The first year of your child's life is full of milestones not only for themselves but for you as a parent. We wanted to compile a list of the significant milestones infants cross in their first year of life. As well as the milestones new parents reach in their first year of parenthood!

We will begin by discussing what milestones reached during an infant first year of life. Then we will continue to go more in-depth of when those milestones tend to happen and what to look out for in your infants' behavior.

Some of the more common milestones include babies IQ growth, physical growth, including height and weight. Some of the other major developmental milestones, including being able to move around or roll over on their leading to standing and walking.

Infant milestones are typically broken up into three major categories: motor development, language development, and social/emotional development. Motor development included the growth of bones, muscles, as well as the growing ability to move around on their own. Language is a very critical milestone for kids leading to their abilities to communicate as well as express and understand feelings. The third category included an infants experiences, expressions as well as the way they handle emotions. It is essential to realize that no two babies are going to follow the same development pattern. Therefore, bear in mind that your first child and a second child may experience the same milestones at entirely different times.

The first month:

A newborn is somewhat automatic, meaning all of their reactions can be identified as their reflexes. During the first month, they will gain more control over their actions. These reflexes include mouthing, startle, grasp, and stepping. Come to the end of the month, the majority of newborns can raise their head, fist their hands, and can better focus their eyes.

1-3 Months:

The following list contains milestones from each category: motor, language, and social/emotional. Keep in mind this is a shortlist, and your infant is not limited to only the following:

Support head and upper body (while on their bellies)

Stretch legs and "kick."

Ability to fist their hands or expose their palms

Reach their hands to their mouth

Ability to grasp specific handheld toys

Ability to follow with their eyes


Recognize familiar faces

Although it may seem that the milestones your infant crosses during their first year are more important than those you cross your first year of parenthood, that does not translate into those milestones not being a big deal!

Becoming a new parent is extremely difficult and a significant life transition. Despite all of the baby books and advice, you will never feel you are 100% ready to tackle parenthood head first. Therefore, we wanted to shed some light on the milestones new parents meet as well because your babies couldn't do it without you!

Here is a short and sweet list of some of the silly yet meaningful milestones you face as a parent:

The first bath without any assistant from a Newborn Care Specialist or Doula

The first time you know precisely why your newborn is crying and upset

First-time babywearing

First public outing with your newborn

First baby manicure

The first time you call your doctor at the darkest hours of the night

Parenthood is full of the unexpected, but it is also full of these amazing memories and milestones just waiting to happen! Having a better understanding of what to look for while your newborn develops throughout their first year of life is essential. Not only to assure your baby is growing properly but, to also keep in mind that these are once in a lifetime experiences you'll have with your baby so document every bit of it because it will be gone before you know it!