Benefits of Teaching your Baby Sign Language


Sign Language has been around since the 1800s but has only been recognized as an official language since 1960. Even since then it still is not as popular in public schools as some would deem necessary. The benefits of teaching your child sign language or merely introducing them to sign language is they will be able to communicate with their hands and emotions before they can speak properly, as well as be able to better communicate with deaf relatives or other individuals!


There are many different websites and resources for you to start teaching your baby some simple sign language techniques. From charts and videos to games, you can find tools that fit you and your babies teaching and learning styles. There are countless resources online that are credible and easy to find.


Reading books with your little ones is one of the highlights to your day! Being able to spend some one-on-one time with your baby either before bed or in the middle of the day is essential for both of you. You can make those moments even more special by reading some sign language themed stories to your babies, and you can make learning sign language another bonding activity for you and your little ones!


Although we try and stick to keeping the kids off the screens and enjoying the present; there are incredible videos on youtube and all over the internet to help teach sign language to their you or your babies. More so than not, there are not enough hours in the day, and that one-on-one sign language lesson had to be postponed so you can get dinner on the table to instead of skipping out all together turn to the video resources online!


Learning a new language takes a lot of focus and lot and lots of practice! Make sure you help your baby practice often; therefore, they retain the information a little easier. This will be such a memorable experience and will earn your little one a few bragging rights down the road!


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