What's in the Event Childcare Nanny Bins?


In addition to our temp nanny services Joanna's Nannies offers on-site wedding and event childcare (we can also provide group childcare at an off-site location if you prefer not to have children at your wedding or event). We come to your venue and provide drop-in childcare for your younger guests. This gives the opportunity for parents to enjoy the event while knowing their kids are nearby. The parents can check on their kids at any time and pull them out for a bite of cake or dancing. The event childcare is come and go and can be customized for each client based on your needs. We usually have a room or tent where we set up the kids area for weddings, corporate events and holiday parties. In that area we have a variety of fun activities to keep the kids entertained for hours and our experienced nannies supervise and make sure the kids are having a fun and safe time!When we provide wedding and event childcare we bring some nanny bins with fun activities for the children.

What kinds of activities do you bring for event childcare?

wedding childcare, toy bin, kids activities, on-site event childcare

wedding childcare, toy bin, kids activities, on-site event childcare

We bring two bins, one full of games and toys and one full of craft materials. In the toy bin you may find games such dominoes, connect four or classic games such as chutes and ladders and candy land. We also bring an assortment of books ranging from classics to new stories to keep your kids entertained. We have a variety of toys for all different age groups including toddler toys, baby toys, and fun building and outdoor toys for the older children. In our craft bin we bring colored paper, crayons and markers so the kids can get artistic. We also bring beads and pipe cleaners so the children can create their own necklaces or bracelets. We also pack the bin full of fun foamie stickers and foam shapes to decorate.