Help! My kid hates riding in the car!


So your kids hate riding in the car. We get it, somethings keeping the little ones sane in the car is a chore despite our best efforts! Whether your taking a vacation or just running around town, these tips and tricks have helped some of our clients cope with stressful car rides.

Activity bag:

Age appropriate toys that are only brought out when riding. Special items they look forward to using and they stay in the car when you get out. Pack in a easy space saving bag for convenience.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Art bag:

Much like the special activity bag, keep car safe items in an art bag with a clipboard. Allow kids to create. Take it a step further and engage with them, asking them to draw and create things you find together outside as you drive.


Who doesn’t need a snack? Keep a small stash in your glove box. Pull them out and toss in the back seat to help curb cranky kiddos due to hunger.


Enjoying a movie or educational game can be a privilege left for when you’re in the car. With a childproof case and some wifi, they could stay busy for a while.

Also check out this cool website with lots of printables and more fun car games: