Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time Nanny


You’re looking for great, steady and reliable childcare for your family.  But since you don’t need someone in the home full-time, you don’t need a full-time nanny, right?What your family will benefit most from is a part-time nanny!  While your nanny will work less than 35 hours per week, she will provide so much more for your home than hiring a few babysitters would.For one thing, your part-time nanny would have the same qualifications and high standards as a full-time nanny would, including being CPR and First Aid certified, Trustline certified, etc.  She has more professional experience and will be more involved in your family and child(ren)’s lives.Perhaps you only need part-time care because your children are in school during the day.  You likely only need care before and after school or even on weekends.  Maybe you only need care when the children are out of school for breaks, or only a few days a week.  Sometimes stay-at-home or work-at-home moms or dads just need a couple hours a day or a couple days a week for extra help.  Whatever the dynamics of your family, hiring part-time help with a nanny can be a big help.After school can be a busy time.  Older kids have activities to be taken to while younger kids may start to feel tired and even cranky from a long day.  Knowing that someone you and your children know and trust is with you to either take the older children to activities for you or stay home with the youngest while you go can help reduce a lot of the stress of juggling multiple children.  And she can really step in during that dreaded time between dinner and bed.  As she is a constant in the family home, she’ll know the bedtime and bathtime routines, where everything is, and how to best help you wrangle all littles off to bed.She can help with homework, teach the children another language, plan and take the children on play dates or day trips, and generally be a part of the family, even if she is part-time.  And many nannies (even if part-time) will take on light housework if that is something you need.Your nanny can be a positive addition to your family, even if she is not needed full-time.  She is still a known, trusted, and experienced person that you will be able to count on and who your children will grow to love and feel comfortable with.