Traveling with children


We are traveling by plane, what do we do?

The time has come to take your family on a vacation.  It can be overwhelming to think of traveling with kids away from home.   No need to worry as there are several things you can do ahead of time to make the travel time and vacation run smoothly.   If you have an infant or toddler and worry about them crying the entire flight, don’t worry.  Remember you won’t see the other passengers again.  Do what you can to calm and comfort your child. Some people have actually made little candy bags to pass out to others on the plane apologizing in advance if their child is not the model passenger and you hope this small token is a peace offering  if something should come up inflight.

Helpful hints for plane travel:

  • If your child is under the age of 2 years old. Strongly consider purchasing that extra seat for them if you are flying on a flight over 2 hours long.  Having your child be able to sit in their car seat is a great for them to feel comfortable while flying.  Yes you can hold them if they are under the age of 2, but often times they can be squirmy and not wanting to settle down. They know that when they are in their car seat that it is time to settle down.

  • Make sure you pack a backpack for your trip. You will want to pack things in quart/gallon sized Ziploc type bags.  This is so everything has a place and you can find it when you need things.

    • Pack a change of clothes with socks, underwear/diaper, wipes etc.  for each child

    • Have a bag with the diapers, wipes, cream etc. Then you just have to take the bag to the bathroom to change your child

    • Pack a change of clothes for yourself as well in case you have a “clothing” mishap and need fresh clothes

    • Pack several different snack size bags of snacks for each child and adult

    • Have a refillable water bottle that you can get filled once you pass through security

    • Have some new little toys/snacks wrapped in tissue paper to give child during different times on the flight

    • Any electronic items that you or the children will want to use. Make sure you have headphones for the kids as they use the ones that make noises.

  • Make sure you have your personal information listed on a piece of paper with your contact information: cell number, email address, where you are going, any allergies, names and ages of your children and travel partners.  All of this to make sure that if your bag gets separated from you that you can be found. It is also good to have everyone’s name on the paper in case something happens to you.  Also put this in anything your child carries as well.

  • If your children are over 3, you can have them pack a small backpack for them to wear in the airport and on the plane.

    • Include their lovey/blanket/comfort item

    • A few toys for them to play with on the plane

    • A book or two to read on the plane

    • A few snacks

No matter your destination of choice, traveling with children on a plane doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Preparing ahead of time is the key to travel success.  Enjoy your vacation with your family.

 Written by: Alice Shaffer, Social Media Manager for Joanna's Nannies