Road Trip Activities For Kids


 Road trips are an American tradition. They can be a blast, but the long stretches of country road can drag on, especially for young ones. One way to keep everyone’s spirits up is playing car games. Just because you are limited in space doesn’t mean you are limited in fun. The Zebra has compiled a list of 30 road trip games along with printables to keep your trip moving. These are some ideas to keep everyone entertained on your next road trip, or long carpool. 

Road Trip Fill-In-The-Blank

 Get your kids imaginations going with this road trip themed Mad Lib. Call out for random adjectives, nouns, and verbs before reading the final wacky story. This activity is a great chance to teach your children parts of speech too. You’ll be giggling all the way to your destination! 

Restaurant I Spy

 This printable is a huge Bingo board of the most popular American chain restaurants. Have your kiddos cross off each restaurant as you pass by and see who can reach five in a row first! It may get you feeling hungry, so have some road trip snacks ready. Or better yet, use the chart as inspiration for where to grab lunch! 

Animal Mazes

 Give these to your little animal lover to help pass the time. There are dozens of mazes in the shapes of cats, bears, elephants, and more to challenge their minds. Have your child pick out their favorite animals and a few they’ve never seen before before you hit the road. There are plenty of ways to keep everyone happy while on the road. Try some of these printables and games on your next trip to keep your kids entertained and off their devices! Hopefully all the activity will get them feeling sleepy fast, and then everyone can truly relax.Guest Blog - Emma Welsh