Entertain Kids on Bad Weather Days with These Fun Activities


 Children ages 8 and younger are likely to spend as much as two hours a day in front of an electronic screen, according to a recent CNN report. Too much screen time can cause permanent damage to their still-developing brains while impeding their ability to focus, sense other people’s attitudes, communicate properly and build a large vocabulary. Furthermore, sitting around and being inactive can lead to health problems that take years off their lives. When the weather is bad and children are stuck indoors, your kids may turn to the television or tablet as a way to pass the hours. However, with your help they can make the most of their time inside. Here are some fun indoor activities young children will love. 

Use YouTube to Start a Dance Party

 Just because you don’t want your kids to veg out in front of the computer all day doesn’t mean you can’t use the Internet to your advantage. As long as your kids are up and moving rather than sitting on the couch stagnant, there’s nothing wrong with a screen being on in the same room. YouTube has a plethora of awesome dance choreography videos for kids that get them moving while having fun. Dancing helps coordination and balance while helping them burn off their breakfast.

Conduct a Science Experiment

 Even if they hate science class, kids love doing the experiment parts. Tap into their natural curiosity with fun activities that improve their STEM skills. Grab a few household items and create an exciting batch of elephant's toothpaste. Or, make the M on M&Ms float off and watch. In addition, you can teach them about crystal formation by growing rock candy. There is a whole world of fun science-based activities kids love that will help pass the time. 

Use Real Life to Teach Math

 As important as school is, it definitely doesn’t teach kids everything they need to know about real life. When it comes to subjects such as budgeting, taxes and other everyday math concepts, it is up to you to teach your children. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available that provide activities to do with kids that teach them these things in a fun and engaging way. It’s all about how you frame the lesson. Kids won’t even realize how much they are learning. 

Online Music Lessons

 If your child always talks about their dreams of being a rock star, there’s no better time to start than now. Learning to play an instrument has several benefits for children. It improves their academic skills, dexterity, communication, discipline and self-esteem. Even if you don’t have an instrument for your child to begin with, you can start with lessons on how to read music, so they have a head start once you finally do get them that guitar. 

Art Projects

 When all else fails, art projects are a great activity when your kids are stuck indoors. Stock up on art supplies whenever you see them on sale and don’t be afraid to get creative with alternative canvases including old sheets, recycled cardboard and funky knickknacks you can find at thrift stores. Letting your children express themselves creatively improves their intellectual and cognitive skills while stimulating the imagination. Plus, doing arts and crafts projects together is always a great opportunity to talk and bond with your child so you can get to know them even better. 


 If the weather is too bad to let the kids play outside, don’t let them fry their brains being sedentary in front of the television or computer. Instead, provide fun activities that stimulate the mind and body. Whether you are starting a dance party with a fun YouTube playlist teaching your kids dance moves or creating something new with arts and crafts, there are plenty of ways kids can have fun that don’t involve sitting in front of screens all day.

Guest Blog Contribution By Jenny Wise