Preparing Children for Back to School


Its August already!? This means it’s back to school soon for a lot of children who do not attend a year round school! Going back to school is exciting for children. They get to reunite with their peers and teachers and look forward to learning new things! It is also a time of adjustment for many children entering Kindergarten and adapting to change. Here are some simple tips to help ease them into the classroom!


Summertime means shorter naps and longer nights which can throw off the usual school day routine. A way to help the little ones adjust back to school days is by gradually getting them back into their regular routine. Turn out the lights a bit earlier in the weeks leading up to the start of school. Getting ready in the morning is also part of the routine. Try implementing a fun check list  to help them get ready in the morning once school starts.

Lunch Box Party

Lunch’s will need to be packed! Good practice to have children help pack their lunches in the mornings before school is back in session. There is quite a few cute and creative lunch ideas for kids that can transform lunchtime into an exciting and fun experience.

Back to the Books

Transiting back into school can be difficult for many children especially those moving into kindergarten. Try a few of these popular books if your child expresses having the first day jitters! Off to Kindergarten by Tony JohnstonMiss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph SlateThe Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing

Take A Walk

If you haven't visited the school before school starts take the kids to walk the campus. If this is your child's first year in elementary school usually there is some kind of orientation where this takes place as well. Getting the children used to the new school with give them confidence in the first days ahead. 

From All of Us At Joanna's Nannies Happy Back to Schooling and Good Luck!