Five Rainy Day Activities


Keeping kids busy when it is rainy outside can be a challenge for all of us! If you’ve ever struggled with keeping your kids from boredom on a rainy day, we want to provide you with some help. In today’s blog we are going over easy ways to keep the kids entertained with 5 rainy day activities.

Build a Fort

Building forts out of household furniture and sheets seems to be a long lost art, but one of our favorite rainy day activities. Find your biggest sheets and some clothes pins and make a fort to play under for the day. Forts are perfect for playing with small toys or reading. For kids and adults, building them is just as much fun as playing inside. Let your kid’s imagination run wild as they dream up new ways to expand their fort. Encourage them to incorporate things around the house to make the experience special and memorable.Check out a fort building guide here.

Make Playdough

Making playdough can be a fun activity for younger children who enjoy helping in the kitchen. Making playdough is a relatively simple process using ingredients you likely have at home. The process is quick enough that your child won’t lose interest and can hep through the process. It does include boiling water so you’ll want to make sure you are cautious with the hot water.Check out the ultimate play dough recipe here.

Sort through Old Toys

Rainy days are a great day to sort through old toys and books that your child no longer wants or needs. It is also an opportunity to teach them about donating their unwanted toys to those who are less fortunate or in need.

Make Fruit or Veggie Prints

Many fruits and veggies can be used to make art work with paint. You can cut most fruits or veggies in half and your little ones can use them to make prints on the paper. Fruits and veggies that work especially well for this project include cauliflower, lemons, limes, the base of a celery stalk, and peppers.Check out a cool okra print here.

Make No Bake Cookies

No bake cookies is an easy way to get the kids helping in the kitchen and make a delicious treat to enjoy later in the day. Although making no bake cookies does require some cooking time, there are many opportunities for kids to help. Even toddlers can help measure, pour, and stir!Check out this delicious vegan no bake cookie recipe here. We hope you picked up a few ideas for rainy day activities! Stay dry and have fun!