Wedding and Event Childcare- Joanna's Nannies


Did you know that Joanna’s Nannies provides high quality wedding and event childcare in Lake Tahoe, San Diego, San Francisco, and Wine Country? If you’ve been thinking about hiring wedding and event childcare, keep reading! In today’s blog we are giving you 5 great reasons to hire Joanna’s Nannies for your wedding or event childcare.

A distraction free event

Although we all love being able to accommodate families and their children, sometimes little ones accidentally create a distraction during weddings or events. No one can control when or why a baby cries, and we totally understand that. With our group child care options, your guests can focus on you or your event instead of trying to make sure their little one doesn’t make too much noise or wiggle around too much. This alone makes the event far less stressful and enables parents to enjoy their time at your event.

Guests with children are more likely to attend and stay longer

Let’s face it, attending a wedding or event with children can be stressful and sometimes take away from being able to fully enjoy an event. When you provide your guests with a child care option, they are more likely to be able to attend (especially if they are coming from out of town) and stay longer for your event. In addition to attendance, they are more likely to appreciate the time spent at your event with when their children are in the trusted hands of Joanna’s Nannies.

Parents can check on their children at any time

We understand the anxiety that parents can experience when they leave their children with someone new for the first time. For this reason, we happily welcome parents to visit their children at any time during the event. This puts parents’ minds at ease and allows them to experience your event worry free.

Avoid damage to the venue

Sometimes children can accidentally damage or break items, even when they are being closely watched. To avoid incurring additional fees from your venue for damage, hire Joanna’s Nannies. The only thing we require is a separate room in which to watch the children, away from the breakable items.

Children get to have their own party

That’s right; while you and your guests are having a party, the children get to have one, too! Joanna’s Nannies brings arts and craft projects, books, and games to every event we attend. Children in our care have a blast while the parents get to have a stress free, relaxing time at your event.

Ready to book Joanna’s Nannies for wedding and event childcare? Check out our wedding and event page here or email our wedding and event childcare coordinator, Lily at to see what we bring with us? Check out our blog post on what’s in our Joanna’s Nannies event child care boxes here.