Our Favorite Activities to do in Wine Country: Sonoma




Train Town is a local fun activity for kids of all ages. They have rides, real trains you can go inside as well as a fun train ride around the park. Plenty of parking and close to the Sonoma town square.

Morton Warm Springs

Morton’s Warm Springs Resort is a relaxing place for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors! Enjoy the geo-thermal springs while the kids play in the pool!

Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County offers a daily pass or yearly membership and provides a safe place for children and adults to explore a ton of different activities together. The museum has a large indoor space with a pretend kitchen, doctor’s office, construction zone and so much more!

Dawns Ranch

Dawn Ranch Resort is a truly unique Sonoma venue. The venue has ancient redwoods, a 150-year-old orchard, and pristine meadows. We often partner with the venue to provide event childcare services for weddings.