The Benefits of the School Walk and Why its Importance is Sometimes Forgotten


While the school year may already be in full swing, it is never too late to integrate walking your children to school into your daily schedule. Thousands of schools in all 50 states share in the advocacy by participating in the National Center for Safe Routes to School’s initiative, International Walk to School Day, which takes place every first Wednesday of October. The simple act of accompanying your child on their school walk improves health and academic performance, as well as promotes road safety, a greener environment, and a closer relationship.

Healthier Habits

The UK’s National Health Service shared guidelines on physical activity that are applicable to all children worldwide. Once they reach preschool, it’s advisable for them to get at least 3 hours of physical activity spread out throughout the day. By combining walking to school with other physical activities, you’re encouraging your child to pursue a healthy habit. And aside from immediate benefits like better sleep, the best thing about an active lifestyle is its capability to lower your child’s risks of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer later on in their life.

Academic Performance Booster

Joanna’s Nannies previously emphasized that consistency is one of the main ingredients to creating a successful student. Of course, that is not limited to their study habits. A study published by NCBI showed that regular physical activity enhances basic cognitive development due to the increased flow of oxygen to the brain and neurotransmitter activity. Students who participated in any physical activity outperformed students who spent the same amount of time watching television. And in addition to improved brain chemistry, Tootsa notes that children who walk become more aware of their surroundings and they get to practice their observational skills as well. Walking your children to school helps keep them mentally sharp for their studies.

Road Safety

Apart from convenience, parents opt to bring their kids to school in a car because of safety reasons.However, evidence from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety points out that 71% of car crashes involving children inside the vehicle were fatal compared to the 19% fatality of children on foot. In simple terms, children are as likely to be harmed as passengers as they are as pedestrians. What’s important is to map out a good route that will be safe for your kids. You also have the chance to teach them the rules and regulations that they need to follow once they can go on their own.

Greener Environment

A daily school walk already lessens your carbon footprint by a significant amount. An average car typically emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas. At a young age, instill in your child the importance of caring for the environment and how they are contributing by walking. Knowing that they are helping will make it much easier and enjoyable for your children.

Closer Relationship

With everyone’s busy schedules, parents rarely get to spend time with their children. A simple walk is a good way to fix that. Ask them about their studies or how they’re getting along with their classmates. Encourage them by sharing one of your own stories. It’s a great chance to form a stronger bond with your child.

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