National Take A Walk In The Park Day 2018


Playing with your children at the park has proven to have quite a few surprising health and wellness benefits. It's also said that  simply taking a walk outdoors in nature can improve your physical overall health and mental stability. In honor of Take A Walk In The Park Day on March 30th, 2018 we wanted to share some of these benefits as well as a few lists of the top rated parks in some of our service areas. Enjoy!

Sonoma County Parks  //  Bay Area Parks // Lake Tahoe Parks

According to studies conducted by  Standford University  walking in nature can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression significantly. Being outside can also have positive effects academically and socially on children by increasing focus and providing a fun open space to make new friends.

 Los Angeles Parks // San Diego Parks // Colorado Parks

Whether you are pushing your child in a stroller around the lake or playing with them on the play structure, being outside and exploring the world around you is a wonderful foundation for building a very positive and close relationship with your children. We celebrate this day once per year but hopefully this helps inspire families to get out and get moving everyday.

Happy National Take A Walk In The Park Day