Peace of mind on your vacation


A vacation to northern California is no vacation at all without a trip to wine country. Visions of sampling wine after succulent wine nearly bring you to tears for the longing. That, my friends, is a relaxing vacation and peace of mind.

Friends, it goes without saying that this is not a trip to bring the kids along to. Imagine the hassle. They want to go back to the hotel and swim. You spend your time hearing incessant cries about these wineries being so boring, why can’t we eat anything, you’re taking so long, and not another one! You know the drill. Suddenly your vision of a day away is shattered. You can choose to either not go on your vacation, or hire someone to babysit your children while you are away.

Except, you don’t know anyone here. This is, after all, vacation.

It’s difficult to be sure you can trust just anyone to babysit – especially for anything that requires you to be a distance from your kids. Furthermore, how can you know that, if something were to happen, that your babysitter is CPR certified and is equipped to handle these situations?

Peace of mind with a temporary sitter requires several things. If you are going to hire for a temporary babysitter, they must be qualified. These are your children we are talking about! Joanna’s Nannies are all CPR certified babysitters and nannies. They also have their First Aid certification. All of them are background checked prior to employment. They are carefully selected so you can know that the service you are getting is safe.

Open communication throughout the duration of your trip is essential for everyone involved. Joanna’s Nannies will be available for you to communicate with the whole time that you are away in case you feel the need to touch base with your babysitter, or if your children would like to talk with you.

Finally, peace of mind while you are away comes from trusting that the babysitter you have chosen to care for your children is going to be a good personal match for your family. No two nanny / family relationships are the same. Making sure that your babysitter will work well with your family is critical for both your peace of mind and the overall experience for the children. Our babysitters and nannies bring with them years of experience working with children. There is no end to the fun things that they have to do with your kids. Kids can be entertained, well nourished and cared for by professional sitters who really know kids.

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