Non-Toy Gifts for Your Children


Finding the hottest new toy, gadget, or gizmo for your children this holiday season can be stressful and time-consuming. What’s worse, these gifts often only get used for a few weeks or months before they join the island of forgotten “must haves.” As a parent or nanny, you are in a unique position to know a great deal about your child’s interests. Why not use that information to your advantage and get them a unique gift that is specific to them? After all, making memories with them will last a lot longer than any battery operated widget that’s being marketed as the hot new item of the season. Check out our list below of ideas for non-toy gifts for your children.

Season Passes

There are an enormous number of possibilities for providing your kid with an opportunity to enjoy one of their favorite outings all season long. If your child is an animal lover, consider giving the gift of passes to the zoo or Sea World. You might also consider this present if they have a favorite museum or activity such as paintball or laser tag. This is one of our favorite non-toy gifts because your kids will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will love getting to spend time with you throughout the year doing what they love.

Class or Lessons

Providing your child with the opportunity to learn more about something they are interested in is another one of our excellent non-toy gifts. Maybe your little one has always wanted to dance or learn Tae Kwon Do, or if your kids are older, perhaps it’s a guitar or pottery lesson that would interest them.  Nurturing these interests can be both educational and fun, not to mention you might just be introducing them to a lifelong hobby or interest.


What kid doesn’t love getting out of the house to see a movie or enjoy a live event? Buying tickets to take your child to see their favorite sports team or musical artist is a wonderful way to make lasting memories together which is why it made our list of non-toy gifts. The shared experience of getting to the venue, getting inside, and waiting for the event to start as your child’s anticipation builds is something that neither of you will forget. As a bonus, you can give them a voucher to stop by the team store or merch table to pick out something for themselves.

Road Trip or Weekend Getaway

This is one of our most special non-toy gifts because it provides an excellent backdrop for parent-child bonding time. Picking an amusement park to visit with your roller coaster addict or planning a day of pampering at the spa gives you an opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with your children. The time spent together on these types of trips can significantly strengthen your relational bonds while you are making memories that can last a lifetime.