Our Favorite Activities to do in Orange County

Orange County


Pretend City

Pretend city is a mini city where kids can play and pretend. It allows them to learn about different jobs and places in a town and practice skills like math and fine motor skills. They also do parties and have a cafe to eat some lunch in between play sessions.

Fullerton Arboretum

The Fullerton Arboretum is the largest botanical garden in Orange County and is a tranquil retreat into nature with 26 acres of natural beauty.

Bubbles Playground

The Bubble Factory is a fully immersive indoor workshop where kids can learn how to blow intricate bubbles using air, smoke and other wild concepts. Harry Jung, world famous bubble artist, also puts on daily shows that include putting kids inside of massive bubbles!

Dana Point Harbor

Looking to go whale watching or spend the day on the baby beach? Dana Point Harbor has all of the beach activities you can imagine for your family, including dining after spending the day on the water.