Photography for children


Photography for Children

Photography is a beautiful art. Often we overlook how a child may interpret or see the world. Photography can be a great way for a child to express themselves. It can also be a learning experience for adults to see a glimpse of our world through a child’s eye.

A fun way to let your child experience photography is by giving them their own camera. Wait!! I’m not buying my child their own camera, you may be thinking. Not to panic… Pick up a good old disposable camera. Show your child how to work the camera and then plan a fun day trip of adventure. Something as simple as going on a nature hike or to the local zoo will give your child the opportunity to photograph objects, animals and nature they love! It might be hard at times, but let your child be free with the camera. If they want to take 15 pictures of the same tree, so be it! They will remember it for a long time.

After your child has used up their entire disposable camera, try developing all of the pictures! Create a photo album or book to display the in. Encourage your child to share their photos with family, friends and teachers!