Making Green Foods Fun!


Saint Patricks day is a great day to get kids into green foods! Which includes veggies. Here are some great ideas to make veggies fun and yummy for kids and introduce some new ones.


Most kids love cheese but broccoli maybe not so much. Try topping broccoli with cheese to improve the taste and give kids their veggies too. You can also "play" with the food a bit. Pretend broccoli are little trees or green beans are grass or seaweed. Make a cool scene on their plate with the veggies or have them create their own scene before they eat it.

Green juices or smoothies:

Most kids aren't too interested in eating spinach or kale. But what if you puree or juice it and make a yummy juice or smoothie out of it. Apple  or carrot juice is a great one to mix with it  as it covers the "green" taste. You can also do a smoothie with soy milk and even chocolate or other flavors.Here is a great website with a ton of recipes: