Helping your child set goals


Helping your child set goals

As adults we set mini goals for ourselves daily. If I can just finish this task by 5, I’ll have time to start cooking dinner… or my favorite, my goal for today is to eat fruit instead of chocolate as a dessert! It is almost mindless to us! To a child the word goal may only relate to soccer. It is important for children to set goals for themselves. It helps them develop self confidence and self discipline. Help you child by encouraging easy goals to start, then move on to goals that are little harder to reach. Your child will feel very proud when they accomplish their first goal and will want to work hard to accomplish the second one!

Here are a few goal ideas to get your child started!

Cleaning up toys

Helping out a sibling or friend

Helping mommy or daddy cook dinner

Listening the first time

Getting 100% on a spelling test at school