Business Spotlight: Homework Solutions

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What is the name of your business?

HomeWork Solutions, Inc.

What areas do you serve?

We cover the entire US with our services

How long has your business been established?

Since 1993

Tell us a little bit about the services or products your business provides.

HomeWork Solutions provides payroll and tax compliance services to families that privately employ workers in their home. This includes Nannies, Caregivers, housekeepers, chefs, etc. Through partnerships with Nanny Agencies, we help to educate the families and nannies about the importance of legal pay and tax compliance. Legal pay protects all parties and ensures that each side is treated fairly.

How did you get started in this business?

The business was started in an effort to help families maintain compliance with a poorly known tax law. Many people were not aware that by hiring a homeworker, that they were not required to pay employer taxes. Additionally, he increased time that it takes to manage these taxes (The IRS estimates 60 hours annually) was somewhat counter intuitive to the reason why people hire homeworkers - to save time. Over time, the business has evolved into not only assisting families in maintaining tax compliance, but also educating staffing agencies and nannies about their protections as workers.

What do you love about being a business owner?

HomeWork Solutions prides itself of maintaining the highest level of customer service, to mirror the dedication of our partners to their families. We are able to achieve this by hiring the highest quality employees, who in turn can provide for themselves and their families. We find the opportunity to employ a dedicated staff to be the best part about running a business!

Is your business kid friendly, if so, what are the recommended or required ages?

We do not offer kid friendly services - but we do love them!

Does your business host special events? If so, what?

We frequently sponsor events that advocate for similar business objectives that we do. Some examples include APNA Conference, INA, Nanny Paloozea to support the Nanny Space, as well as many AICPA conferences to help support tax professionals.

What is your next goal for your business?

We have seen a drastic rise in the number of clients who are turning to HomeWork Solutions to help pay their senior caregivers. As the population continues to age, we have many partners who are adding this "Senior Care Staffing" to their business models, which traditionally just focused on nannies. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to best support this transition so that we can continue to support domestic workers. The best compliment we receive is when returning client calls us and says "I used your services 20 years ago for my nanny and LOVED working with you all... I now am calling you all again to help me handle the payroll for my parents caregivers, as they want to be compliant as they age in their home."

Any advice for customers or clients who utilize your business or services?

Call us! HomeWork Solutions prides ourselves on customer service and is ready to speak with you. We do not use phone trees or automated messaging - real humans ready to give you real service!

What is one fun fact about your business?

We like to keep it casual in the office, particularly around year end when we are super busy with taxes... So much so that you might even catch us wearing our slippers and sweat pants in the office when we're in cranking away tax returns over the weekend!