Back to school...already?


Back to school…Already!?

While we are all enjoying our beautiful summer here in the bay area, I can’t help but is starting soon! Before we know it buses will be back in motion carrying excited and anxious little ones off to school.  Summer coming to an end can be a sad thought for a little one. Here are some fun ways to get you child excited to go back to school in fall! 

Back to school shopping:  

Gather a list of supplies that your child will need to start their school year. Create a scavenger hunt at the store! Your child will have fun picking out supplies for themselves!

Decorate a backpack: 

Children enjoy picking out their very own backpack for the start of a new school year. Try buying a plain back pack and decorating it. Using fabric paint and iron on stickers. Your child will be excited to show off their creation to friends.

Write your teacher a note: 

Some children can be nervous for a new teacher. Help your child write a letter to their new teacher. Send it off to the school and your child’s teacher will be sure you find it in her mailbox before the start of the year!

Visit the school play ground:

A great way to get to know a new school is by visiting the schools playground! On a weekend or weeknight stop by the school for a couple of hours to play. This will make any child feel more comfortable with their new surroundings.