Date Night Planning Without the Stress


Making time to be alone with your significant other is exceptionally valuable in any relationship and is crucial in building intimacy in a romantic relationship. Scheduling regular date nights is an excellent way to facilitate the one on one time that couples so desperately need. Unfortunately, many couples are intimidated by the idea of having a regular date night and are unsure of how to go about date night planning. “Where should we go?” and “what should we do?” are common questions that come up when trying to map out a date night. Read on for our tips on date night planning to ensure an excellent time without the stress.

The Element of Surprise

It can be quite a thrill to set up a date night that your partner will love while keeping it a secret. While we don’t recommend doing this every time (unless your partner just loves surprises), it is an excellent idea to attempt a surprise night out every once in awhile. Surprise date night planning that results in a memorable adventure for you and your partner necessitates some advanced planning but, more importantly, requires you to pay attention. As you are engaged in conversation, out running errands, or even enjoying family time, your partner will likely provide you with clues of restaurants they would like to try or activities they would like to do. Use these clues to structure a date, and you are sure to make them feel special.

Variety is the Spice of Life

A large part of date night planning is making sure that the dates themselves don’t become routine or a chore rather than something to look forward to all week. Think back to when you first started dating, it is likely that you can remember how excited you would get just to spend time with your partner on a date. Since doing new things creates excitement similar to your early days of dating, try not to do the same date night frequently as the repetition can quickly make the dates seem stale or boring.

Keep It Simple

The key to simple date night planning is knowing your partner. When you understand your partner’s preferences and personality, there is no need for elaborate setups or hours of planning for each date night. Being in tune with who your partner will help you choose activities that will be fun for both of you.

Date Night Ideas

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