Aromatherapy to Increase Homeschooler Productivity


Nannies and moms who homeschool often need a way to increase student productivity and attention. Since homeschool children are also using their home for many purposes (for shelter, for play, for dining and for learning) it can also be incredibly helpful to organize the home in “modules” so that each area has a designated purpose.

Another way to keep kiddos focused includes reducing clutter in the home. It eliminates distractions as well! When the children are in “learning mode” they will be able to fully concentrate on just that.

Another, less often used method to heighten attention and influence behavior is to use aromatherapy. This can be done through the use of essential oil diffusers or even scented candles! Each aromatherapy scent has a purpose and can be used in a unique way.

For example, did you know that the scent of lemon has been found to enhance physical performance, cinnamon stimulates the brain and rosemary can improve memory and cognition? FragranceX covers each scent in their visual below to help you pick the right aromatherapy scent for your situation.


And as an added bonus, they also made some fun printables that younger kids can color while they learn about what scents they are experiencing. The below printable coloring pages allow children to see what the source of the scent looks like and what letter is associated with it. They can even write down how the scent makes them feel to examine if it’s working!

While younger children are likely to get the most out of the printables, older kids can still experience the benefits of aromatherapy! They can work wonders for concentration and even increase productivity. Let us know how you incorporated aromatherapy into your home classroom!

Link to Printable Coloring Pages

Guest Contribution: Karli Jaenike