Difficult Conversations- Part 3: I'll Get Back to You


As nannies we are perceived to have any and all the answers to everything involving children from birth to 18 years old. While we have a lot of answers and most of us plenty of experience with each age group we don't always know what is best. Parent's can occasionally put you on the spot and ask, "what would you do?" or "what is the best technique for X?" and we're left there thinking "I have NO clue."

That is OK!

So, what do we do if we don't have all of the answers?
The best practice is to consult with someone who has had experience with that particular situation or can offer advice since it is their area of expertise. That sounds like a no brainer, right? Well sure but how do you now admit to the client that you may not know everything? I'm sure we're stuck in a rut with crazy thoughts of insecurity looming over us.

Again, it's OK.

Simply saying, "that is a great question! I don't have the answer for you now but I am willing to do some research or consult my agency on what they believe to be best" is a perfectly acceptable answer. Clients/Parents will appreciate your honesty as well as the initiative you take in going the extra mile by doing your homework and coming back to them with a REAL answer vs. something you cooked up on the spot!

Communication is the foundation of every great relationship and the same goes for the Nanny/Client relationship. It may be a cliche but honesty is always the best policy!