Event Childcare Services

Are you thinking about providing childcare at your company party or wedding? Joanna’s Nannies has assisted many of our clients with full-service event childcare. All you need to provide is a room (or tent for outdoor events), some tables and chairs and we will bring the rest! Our nannies come prepared with age appropriate toys, books, games, and craft supplies to help keep your younger guests entertained. If you would like to provide a snack or meal to the children, we are happy to help serve that as well. Our drop-in childcare is a secure space where the parents will sign their children in and out, and we also get each parent’s contact information in case of an emergency. We can handle small or large events depending on your needs and help the kids have their party so your guests can enjoy your event worry-free.

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5 reasons to have childcare at your wedding or event:

  • Distraction free event (no crying children at your event or in your wedding video.)

  • Guests with children are more likely to attend and stay longer (don’t need to rush back to relieve a babysitter.)

  • Parents can check in on their children at any time and include them in parts of the event.

  • Avoid damage to the venue (could result in extra charges); we will keep the kids safe.

  • Children have their own party!

Services Include:

High Quality Drop-In Childcare
Fun & Experienced Nannies
Toys, Books and Games
Stickers & Coloring Supplies
Arts & Crafts Projects

Rates and Fees:

Booking Fee (per nanny):

Nanny/Babysitter: $50

Hourly Rate (per nanny):

Nanny/Babysitter: $40/hour


Typically we book 1 nanny for every 3 children. However, if the majority of the children are under 4 years old we will increase the number of nannies.

Here are some sample ratios:

4-6 Children = 2 Nannies

6-10 Children = 3-4 Nannies

10-15 Children = 4-5 Nannies

15-20 Children = 6-7 Nannies

20+ Children = 8+ Nannies

*There is a 4 hour and 2 nanny minimum for all event services

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Ready to book your event?

Joanna’s Nannies currently offers event childcare in:

Wine Country, San Francisco Bay Area, and Lake Tahoe/ Reno.
Contact our Event Coordinator: Events@joannasnannies.com or fill out our request form:

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We worked with Joanna and her team to hire nannies for the bride’s sisters on a wedding weekend. We had three different nannies and they were all wonderful. Very friendly ladies and were very involved with the children each time I saw them. The babies in their care were involved in the wedding ceremony so the two nannies were on site to get them nestled in the wagon and then took them back up to the residence once their role in the wedding was over. They were great sports about being down at the ceremony and seemed very willing to do whatever was asked of them to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible.
— Sarah W.
I had a photoshoot over the weekend that involved multiple families with kids ranging in age from 3 months to 8 years. I really wanted it to be a fun and relaxing experience for the parents and the kids…Part of the relaxing piece for the parents was to have a couple of sitters there to keep an eye on the kids, do arts and crafts (which they provided), play games, be silly, and just let the kids have fun, so the parents could have a glass of wine and chat with other adults. It worked out great! The assigned nannies just knew what to do without me having to give a lot of direction or keep checking in on them. I have worked with kids and families for 25 years, and I knew that these nannies had the “gift” as soon as they walked in the door.
— Joy C
Joanna and her team were absolutely awesome for a large party we threw (30 kids). They took over a room, ran a reliable and safe operation, checking kids in and out and, most importantly of all, had a massive range of games, toys, diversions, etc so that, afterwards, we found the kids had all enjoyed the party a lot. Meanwhile, that allowed their parents to enjoy the main party without worrying about junior. Really great experience in just about every way.
— S.C